Water Main Flushing

Fire Hydrant FlushingThe Village of Jackson water mains are flushed biannually. They are flushed on the third week of April and again on the third week of October. The Village of Jackson water mains are flushed twice per year to prevent bacterial re-growth and stagnation in low circulation areas of the distribution system. Flushing the mains using water under high pressure cleans out these areas, along with the rest of the system. Flushing is necessary for maintenance purposes and will generally improve the quality of the water. The work involves little or no interruption of service, although a slight discoloration of the water, and drop in water pressure may occur in areas where flushing is underway. Water users are advised not to be alarmed if, during and immediately after hydrant flushing, their water looks "rusty." If this happens, then run the water in your sinks until the water runs clear. In some places you may have to run the water for 5 to 10 minutes.