Any repairs that are needed for the waterlines on their property are the responsibility of the property owner. If there is a water leak or other problem, the Water Utility may be able to perform the repair and send a bill, or a private contractor may be hired as long as the work meets the Village of Jackson's minimum Building Inspection standards.

The owner is responsible for any repairs made to their water service from the property line or curb stop to the water meter, as well as inside their home. The Village is responsible for repairs from the property line or curb stop to the main in the street. The water meters are the property of the Jackson Water Utility and all repairs to the meter are to be performed by the Utilities Service Technician.

It is also the owner's responsibility to keep their water meter or service line from freezing. If your service line is wrapped with heat tape, it is recommended that the homeowner check that the heat tape is operating properly. Any repairs made to the water meter or service line due to freezing is at the cost of the homeowner, this includes the responsibility of thawing frozen water in their pipes. Thawing should only be done using a hair dryer, hot air, hot water, or steam. The use of an electric welder or open flame is prohibited due to the risk of fire or possible damage to appliances. If internal pipes have frozen, attempts should be made by the property owner to get heat into the affected area by opening ceiling tiles, doors, and insulation. The cold air source that has caused the pipes to freeze should also be sealed off. A plumber may be contacted to assist you in thawing your pipes if you are unable to do it on your own. If your plumbing is leaking and you cannot shut off the water, contact the Water Utility Supervisor, 262-677-0707 x712.