Water Utility Billing Information

Billing Cycle

Water and sewer utility bills are mailed out four times a year based on quarterly readings. The bills have a fixed quarterly fee that is based on the size of meter in your house. The bills also have a separate charge for the amount of water you use based on your water meter readings. The more water you use, the higher both bills will be.

For a 3/4 inch Residential meter, there is a basic minimum water charge of $25.53 per quarter, a sewer charge of $51.54 per quarter, and a fire protection charge of $29.72 per quarter. For more information regarding your water and sewer billing or if you are moving into our community, please contact the Utility Clerk at 262-677-0707, ext. 710. If you need to leave a voicemail, please leave a phone number so that we can call you back.

Water meters are read at the end of each quarter and bills are sent by the 15th of the following month with a due date falling on the 5th of the next month. For example, first-quarter readings are billed on April 15th and due by May 5th. Payments are due on the 5th of the month following the mailing of your utility bill. A 1% late fee per month is charged on the total unpaid balance after that date. NSF checks will incur an additional $40 charge to your account.

How to Pay Your Bill

By Mail

Your utility bill may be mailed to:

Jackson Utilities
W194N16660 Eagle Drive
Jackson, WI 53037 

Drop Off Locations

It may be dropped off and processed at the Jackson Water Utility office at W194N16660 Eagle Drive. Your utility bill may also be dropped off at the Jackson Municipal Complex, but will not be processed at that office. A drop box is located on the South side of the Jackson Water Utility office. 

Automatic Payments

Automatic payment is available directly from your checking account. The signup form may be found under the "Permits and Forms" tab; then under "Water Utilities". You may also pay by credit card (see the home page of our website), but there are currently additional fees added for this service. Any Village staff working outside of the Jackson Municipal Complex cannot receive water bill payments.

New Lawn Watering Credit Program

New homeowners and builders may receive a credit from their Sewer Utility bill for water used, to establish a new lawn during the first year of construction, or occupancy and for one growing season only. The user will be billed for all of the water used but will receive a sewer credit up to a maximum of $100 total for lawn installation credit. The purpose of this policy of the Jackson Sewer Utility is to encourage the establishment of good quality lawns within the Village. Lawn water in credits will not be honored for any particular lot or site until a certificate of occupancy has been issued for the residence and is occupied by an owner or tenant.

To receive this credit, you must comply with the following:

Prior to watering your lawn or preparing the seed bed, you must read and record your water meter numbers. After completing each watering, you must read and record the new numbers, and complete the subtraction in the form below. No other form will be accepted for this credit. Forms can be printed below or picked up at the Village Hall. If you lose or misplace your original form, another one must be obtained in order to receive credit.