Licenses & Permits

Animal Licensing 

Dog License Application Form (A copy of the rabies certificate is required) (PDF)

Cat License Application Form (A copy of the rabies certificate is required) (PDF)

Chicken License Application and Ordinance (PDF)

Alcohol Licensing 

Alcohol Beverage Retail License Application - Original (PDF)

Alcohol Beverage License Application - Renewal (PDF)

Auxiliary Questionnaire Alcohol Beverage License Application (PDF)

Schedule for Successor of Agent (PDF)

Schedule for Appointment of Agent by Corporation/Nonprofit Organization or LLC (PDF)

Temporary Class "B" / "Class B" Retailers License (Picnic License) Application (PDF)

Village of Jackson Operator (Bartender) License Application (PDF)

Responsible Beverage Server Training Providers (PDF)

Cigarette and Tobacco Licensing

Cigarette and Tobacco License Application (PDF)

Peddler's Permitting

Peddlers, Solicitors, Transient Merchants Permit Application (PDF)

Block Party Permitting

Block Party Permit Application (PDF)

Hotel/Motel Licensing

Hotel/Motel License Application (PDF)

Hotel/Motel Quarterly Reporting Form (PDF)

Hotel/Motel Annual Reporting Form (PDF)

Entertainment Licensing

Entertainment License Application with Municipal Code (PDF)

Massage Licensing

Massage Establishment License Application (PDF)

Massage Technician License Application (PDF)

Tattoo and Piercing Licensing

Tattoo/Piercing Establishment License Application (PDF)

Tattoo/Piercing Operator License Application (PDF)

Misc. Applications

Citizen Board/Commission/Committee Reappointment Application (PDF)

Citizen Board/Commission/Committee Application (PDF)

Municipal Complex Facility Use Application and Policy (PDF)

Sex Offender Residence Board Exemption Form (PDF)