Codes & Standards

The State of Wisconsin mandates the application of uniform building codes throughout the state for all new residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Code standards can be found in the links below.

WI Uniform Dwelling Code 

(Applies to Post-June 1, 1980 One and Two-Family Dwellings)

WI Uniform Building Code 

(Applies to Pre-June 1, 1980 One and Two Family Dwellings and all New Accessory Structures)

WI Deck Codes

Note: Codes may not be interchanged.

Foundation Repair Standards

WI Commercial Building Code

(Commercial and Industrial)

The State of WI adopts the International Building Code (IBC) including:

  • 2015 International Building Code
  • 2015 International Existing Building Code
  • 2015 International Mechanical Code
  • 2015 International Energy Conservation Code

Note: Wisconsin amendments apply, refer to Chapters SPS 361-366.

WI Electrical Code

WI Plumbing Code

Fuel Gas Code

Code Archives